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The Concept

Luxurious things are made to withstand time. The power of a name can create lasting identity and Kition is a name steeped in complex history. The ancient city of Kition supported a kingdom and enticed travellers seeking precious treasures.

Much has changed since the 13th century B.C., but QN Kition is plunging into the new world with luxury residences and lifestyle fit for modern kings. As if it sprung from the sea Kition will stand to forever redefine the skyline of Larnaka.

QN Kition’s vision is to restore the ancient city, now known as Larnaka, to its former glory, starting with a building that honours its past and present. Our vision is to capture the identity of Larnaka, as a jewel on the vast, pristine coastline, and present it to the world.

A resident of QN Kition will have captured a unique treasure, a piece of history all their own, to pass down to their children. Families can prosper with access to world class education, medicine, and modern comfort at the doorstep.

Inspiration from the life giving sea brought QN Kition into being. Elements from the skeletal, organic forms beneath the gentle but powerful waves; Kition straddles the line between a beautiful, delicate shell and the ever present stone and wind on the shoreline.

Coastal Living

Conveniently set back behind the infamous Finikoudes strip, residents have easy access to numerous Blue-flag sandy beaches. Within 300 meters a resident can enjoy a morning stroll along the water's edge, some of the best food and beverage on the island, and shop for antiques, artwork, or fashion


Virtual Reality Experience

Don’t just imagine your new home, step inside.
With the latest, immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology, prospective residents will have the option to walk into their new world, to inspect the finer details, see the breathtaking view with their own eyes, even invite their friends and family to take a look with our online VR portal coming soon. Welcome to the future.


Born in Larnaca.
Sculpted by the sea.









Let me introduce you
to our artists

The work of great minds have found a home in the walls of Kition.

  • Pericles Liatsos

    Pericles Liatsos

    Interior Designer

    Renowned Interior Designer with ground breaking work throughout Europe and the Middle East. Pericles is a quiet achiever who creates not so quiet spaces. Pushing limits in material and design his signature style is one you will not forget and will always yearn to revisit.

  • Fresq


    Hand Painted Wallpaper

    Fresq comprises of talented Russian artists delivering hand painted, ultra realistic wallpaper for luxury finishes. The value of their exquisite wallpaper lies in the hours of careful manual labor to create a unique product where no two canvases are identical. Different line pressures, brush strokes, and shades of colours combine to offer unrivalled uniqueness and a distinct personal piece for each client.

  • Sabri Ben Achour

    Sabri Ben Achour

    Ceramic Artist and Sculptor

    A New York based ceramic artist and sculptor. "People are primed to find beauty in the orderly disorder of nature," he says, and this is reflected in his work. At times his clay appears to have eroded like stone, his metallic sculptures branch like coral and appear to reach out to another place, geometric patterns sometimes tesselate into the recesses of the clay. Sabri learned functional ceramics in Missouri and Washington D.C., but many of his surface and sculptural techniques are self taught through research in chemistry, mathematics.

  • Christine Kalia

    Christine Kalia

    Furniture Designer

    Cyprus born furniture designer with an architectural background. Christine thrives by re-working materials and keeping her keen focus on fine details to achieve sublime, one-of-a-kind, functional pieces. "When functionality and creativity meet, amazing things can happen. A creative woman needs a successful mix of design and practicality."

  • Lasvit


    Bespoke Glass Sculpture

    The most opulent, extravagant halls and atriums around the world - from Moscow to Singapore and Dubai - all derive their awing inspiration from one source; Lasvit. Handmade bohemian glass, intricately crafted to the nth detail. "Our minds are as important as our hands, but we are all united by our hearts"

    Best Under Construction
    & Best City Development

    QN Kition, QN Alliance’s newest seafront property development in Larnaka, won Best Under Construction and Best City Development in the prestigious Home Overseas Russian Awards 2018, held in Moscow, Russia.



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    QN Alliance is a partnership between Quality Group and Newman Holdings. The company was born of a desire to focus completely on creating one of a kind, ultra luxurious commercial, mixed use and residential projects.