Experience a lifestyle fit for the Gods of a new golden age on the horizon.

A home, a legacy, built to provide the perfect ratio of luxury aesthetic, nature, progress and pleasure.

Public Areas

Ample space to wonder amongst art and music, green gardens in the fresh air, to entertain and eat fresh food fit for refined palates.

  • Public parking and ground floor gardens
    The parameters of Kition’s ground floor and underground public parking are meticulously planned. Stepping into it’s boundary means entering a space perfectly lit, with manicured lawns, and an ambience of carefully directed sound and smells.
  • Ground floor restaurant
    On the ground floor there will be a publicly accessible restaurant serving a unique yet satiating menu. Fresh, healthy food and impeccable, welcoming service will be on offer. Guests can be social on the terrace amongst greenery, hold casual meetings inside, or enjoy the romance and privacy of the mezzanine floor.
  • Commercial spaces
    A number of convenient commercial shopping or service spaces will be available on the B1, ground and first floors.
  • Art gallery and atrium
    Fine art, installations, and creative events will entice those looking for a visual and intellectual challenge or a new, exclusive art piece to buy. The second floor hosts a large open gallery with an alcove on the third floor for a birds eye view. The grand atrium of Kition and designated outdoor areas provides space for ever changing exhibits and music.
  • Upper floor cocktail bar and wine bar
    Spectacular views can be enjoyed over a finely crafted cocktail with speakeasy music on the 12th floor. Across the hall, passing an impressive architectural void, is a high end wine bar with gourmet light fare in a regal setting.

Private Areas

Private areas are the key focus of Kition and are for residents only. A balance between public and private areas will be maintained in the lobby through Kition’s well trained concierge. Encouraging the inclusive atmosphere of a selective community in the public areas while retaining privacy and comfort to the highest degree for our residents in their exclusive home environment.

  • Residences
    Needless to say residences are completely private. Careful consideration has been given to limiting noise, environmental, and artificial light pollution.
  • Private gardens
    All residences have green areas and most have larger green spaces within the residence. All residents have access to resident community garden spaces maintained by Kition’s daily gardening service.
  • Clubhouse
    Exclusive to Kition residents and their guests only, the clubhouse is a private space on the 13th floor where residents can go to have dignified fun, and be with friends or host a meeting in a relaxed setting. There will be a secluded bar, games, a fire place and full dining area as well as a large outdoor balcony with comfortable seating.
  • Childcare
    Across from the clubhouse, the Childcare centre is fully equipped by childcare professionals to create an entertaining, educational, healthy and safe space for children. The centre will be open late so that parents can have private time to themselves while resting easy knowing their children are in good hands.
  • Pool and spa
    A spectacular infinity pool encompasses the majority of the 11th floor. Spa facilities offer the latest in thermotherapy with saunas and cold rooms to cleanse and reinvigorate, in a comfortable, private setting. Pre-booked massage and pampering services can be arranged via the concierge.
  • Gym and yoga
    A well equipped gym and a separate tranquil yoga space will occupy the 10th floor. Personal trainers and nutritionists can be summoned via the concierge.