To create a timeless architectural icon and set the bar for service and aesthetic value in the region.


To be the source of inspiration for high end development, and to remain at the forefront of business innovation, and consistent stakeholder satisfaction.


QN Kition carries through the values and principles of it’s parent company, Quality Newman (QN). All QN Alliance projects hold these values and principles consistently as tools to guide every decision. Values are things which we strive to achieve to the very best of our ability in every situation. We hold these dear to our heart and believe that employing these values only makes our professional relationships better.

  • Procedural and technological innovation
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Economic responsibility and sustainable futures


We do not compromise on principles. Principles are values that never sway and are not measured on a dependant scale. These are engrained in how we choose to operate.

  • Ethical business practice
  • High quality product design, process, and execution