The story of KITION is one of organic
forms and timeless quality...

Kition, now the city and district of Larnaka, was a great kingdom in the 13th century BC, after the arrival of the Mycenaean Greeks. It was the birthplace of the stoic philosopher, Zeno, and the Phoenicians settled here in the 9th century, and the temples were built here during the 18th Egyptian Dynasty.

The site of the new Kition is the old Kition Hotel. Zeno said, “the goal of life is living in agreement with nature,” and the new building, constructed in the shape of a spiny sea shell, has been designed to enhance its natural setting and evoke the majesty and tranquility of the Mediterranean. The new Kition re-imagines the area’s icons, all of them rich in history and mythology, and inspires contemplation and creativity.

Kition is a modern allegory,
a muse for the residence.

The finest things are always timeless:

Precious stones and finely-wrought organic forms remain, while the tides of novel taste come and go.

Dawn breaks on the velvet shore, as it has done since the beginning of time.

Aphrodite, draped in the finest linen embroidered with golden thread, emerges from the still turquoise sea, the rising sun glints upon her auburn tresses.

Eternal dew drops sparkle on her porcelain skin like pearls – long has she wandered, searching for a place to call home.

Her slender hand grazes the surface of the sea, the marine life below is stirred by her beauty, and beneath the ripple a small, perfectly-formed ancient dwelling is visible, partially obscured by fine white sand.

Aphrodite reaches
effortlessly to grasp
the smooth white object
at her feet.

This seashell was once home to a devoted, exquisite creature whose sole purpose was to craft, from the essence of the sea, a key. The creature scoured the depths of the sea its entire life to create this key for its goddess, Aphrodite. The task completed, it breathed its last and lay to rest and, over time, its very skeleton revealed a blueprint; delicate spines arranged concentrically around a strong central spire.

Aphrodite lifts the long-sought seashell to her immaculate face. She inspects its ornate form to ensure every tiny ridge is complete and untouched. Its cream-coloured markings appear like a mystical calligraphy, pointing toward the future while honouring the past. The Goddess need wander no longer. She is home.

Standing in the salty air, Aphrodite faces the shore, the wind rushing past her in obeisance. She raises the key above her head, then thrusts it deep into the sand. With each turn of the key a deep rumble ensues, a powerful force awakening after centuries of sleep, and the very crust of the earth cracks open. Sand is devoured then suddenly, a monolithic palace arises from the depths of the bright blue sea.

As Aphrodite was delighted and enthralled by the grand halls and luxurious living spaces lavished upon her by the sea, so, too, will the halls of Kition delight and enthral, transforming all who step through its doors.

A sanctuary for the finest things, Kition recasts the history of its surroundings in a sculptural form as new as it is ancient. It ushers in an era of timeless, iconic elegance, looking forward with deference to the glories of the past.