Experience connoisseurship and comfort at your doorstep.

The food and beverage served on the property will be carefully crafted, sourced responsibly, and executed to a consistently high standard.

Ground Floor Cafe

An inclusive yet refined atmosphere will serve up the likes of a Michelin starred experience in the ground floor restaurant. This restaurant may serve the residents and the public with a core menu and a selection of seasonal dishes.

The restaurant on the ground floor is housed in a separate circular building adjacent to the main atrium of Kition. It encompasses a large ground floor, a terrace area spilling into the ground floor garden and lawn, a large back of house space, and a mezzanine floor. It also includes a large underground storage area close to the underground service drop off and delivery.

Cocktail Bar

Also on the 12th floor across the hall from the wine bar will be a more lively cocktail bar with speakeasy music open to the public. The cocktails served here will be designed and executed by mixologists. The client will not find sweet syrupy drinks with poorly matched flavours - rather one should expect an exceptional variety of nuanced flavours and technical skill.

Wine Bar

A wine bar open to the public will be available on the 12th floor. It will serve a large selection of unique, carefully selected wines and spirits in a regal atmosphere. Paired with the drinks will also be a small menu of the best produce from around the world from Iberico ham to rare caviar to truffle infused aioli.